Terraphilic Story

The Terraphilic Story

Terraphilic was born when an unlikely bunch of 5 almost acquanitances realised that they had a bond deeper than what they thought - the common belief in the powers of a plant that had the powers to heal the planet.

Terraphilic is founded with a singular focus - to help build and grow the hemp infrastructure in the country. We aim to position India as the leaders in the global sustainable, alternate products economy by working to build a solid back-end infrastructure around hemp and its derived products.

We’re India’s first private limited company to hold a hemp cultivation license.

We believe that the hemp industry needs to grow together and hence, we’re built on a business to business model. We’re not here to be the glamorous brand. Let us do the hard work for you!

So whether your business needs a reliable, cost-efficient and high-quality source of raw material for your hemp product needs, or if you’re a new brand looking at whitelabel solutions, or even if you’ve just thought of getting into the hemp business and have no idea what to do, just give us a shout. We’re all ears.

Our farms

Terraphilic runs its own hemp farms in the great hill state of Uttarakhand, with local farmers and other local workers. While none of the founders are what you’d call farmers, all of us have an almost green thumb, if you may.

Situated in Champawat, Uttarakhand, the Terra Farms are spread across a picturesque landscape with ideal growing conditions for hemp. Our seeds are 100% compliant with the global hemp classifications and come with Euro phytosanitary certificates.

We’re absolutely in love with our farms. Take a look at some pictures and you’ll know why. If you’d like to visit our farms, feel free to send us a line and we’d love to arrange a visit for you.

Terra for the people

Terraphilic was started with the sole desire of helping the planet. We aim to help contribute to our society through various community building efforts.

Local employment
and procurement

Local employment and procurement: All the people associated with Terraphilic in the form of farmers, farm help and other employees are local. Terraphilic procures all the raw materials locally.

Minimal carbon
footprint operations

Minimal Carbon footprint operations: Terraphilic follows strict environment norms to ensure there is minimal impact to local climate.

Helping women farmers
and homemakers

Helping women farmers and homemakers: We partner with the women of Champawat for both farming and product creation, giving employment and independence opportunities.

Supporting the
girl child

Supporting the girl child: Terraphilic supports the education and vocation for our girls and sponsor school fees for 20 school children. We also provide their school supplies so that our children only need to worry about studying.

Building local

Building local infrastructure: Terraphilic works together with the local municipal bodies and contributes in the building of the local infrastructure.