Our Vision

“Take the Indian hemp seed, and sow it everywhere”

– George Washington

‘Terra’, means Earth and ‘Philic’, means fondness of a particular thing. We are Terraphilic. A technology-driven sustainable development company driving impact through 2 main levels:


Cotton requires 10 times more water than any other crop. On the other hand, Hemp cultivation requires less water, energy and harvest time to produce yield. Hemp is an easy crop to cultivate, it’s versatile and resilient to the forces. Hemp is beyond doubt a better sustainable substitute than say trees for paper or cotton for clothing. Another interesting facet of this plant is its ability to grow on barren lands. Hemp is the right crop for enhancing the green cover of the country as its cultivation nourishes and rejuvenates the soil with nutrients.


Helping build tax and tourism revenue for the government is how Hemp can give back to the society at large. The biggest challenge is fair pay for produce. A fair value marketplace is required to uplift the economy, especially in the farmer segment. To tackle this, we are working directly with farmers, implementing technology for removing middlemen while also employing women farmers helps us create a growth ecosystem for all stakeholders involved. Farmers, distributors, companies, consumers, and governments.
Through technology and innovation, Terraphilic works to enhance the products consumers use every day.