Research and Development

  • We pride ourselves in being one of the most advanced start-ups in the field of hemp and its derivatives. Terraphilic invests heavily in research and development for both new product creations and building efficiencies in existing line-ups. We have a team of veteran scientists, a state-of-the-art laboratory setup and partnerships with the leading academicia in the country.
Our lab

A fully equipped laboratory setup, recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, with a design department, an analytical library, pilot plants and a data documentation library.

Our science Panel

Our team of superheroes include scientists from the fields of phyto-chemistry, nano-technology and formulations with over 60 years of collective experience and over 15 patents, including 2 issued by the ICMR.

Our partnerships

Terraphilic is honoured to have been able to partner with some of the most premier institutes in the country. This includes IIIM Jammu, India’s only institute with a medical cannabis license, Gurukul Kangri Vishwavidyalaya, India’s leading Ayurveda Institute and the North Indian Textile Research Institute, an authority on different indigenous textiles.